Foul Weather Gear

Whether you are a commercial or recreational fisherman seeking Atlantic Halibut, Mackerel, Squid, Fresh Water Fish or Tuna we have your supplies.

We stock regulation-size Mustad & SS off-set circle hooks in 15/0 and 16/0, medium swivel snaps, 300lb test monofilament, aluminum sleeves, gangion, 25lb mushroom anchors, and 5/16” sink rope for bed lines.

We typically carry the following  types of LaCrosse boots :

  • Insulated and Non Insulated Hip Boots
  • Classic Burly’s & Lil Burly’s
  • Insulated and Non Insulated Black Boots
  • Non Insulated Grange Boots

Muck Boots we typically carry include:

  • Arctic Sport & Kids Arctic Sport
  • Muckmaster
  • Hoser
  • Edgewater
  • Womens Muck Boots

XtraTuf Boots:

  • Insulated 22274G
  • Non Insulated 22272G
  • Women’s Salmon Sister Octopus print
  • Kid’s 8″ Legacy 22680G