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Noel Firearms is an FFL dealer of long guns (rifles and shotguns) and hand guns. We sell both new and used firearms.  We are happy to look over your used guns and give you a price or trade-in value on one or an entire collection.  Sorry we don’t do consignment.  We last updated our inventory list on 05/3/2021.  Inventory changes by the minute so please call ahead for availability.  We still have over 100+ firearms in stock and our inventory changes daily so please check back often.  Items listed below may not be available so please call 207-546-4400 for current status of a firearm or stop by for more details.

New Long Guns

Crickett – Asst style and colors – 22LR
Century Bullpup – 12GA
CVA Scout – 300AAC /6.5
CVA Hunter – 44 Mag
CZ Mod 512 – 22WMR
Legacy Howa Moonshine Midnight Camo Youth – 223
G Force GF2P/GF00- 12GA
Impala + – 12GA
Mossberg 500 – 12GA / 410
Mossberg SA20 Muddy Girl – 20GA
Remington 870 – 12GA
Ruger 77 – 44 Rem Mag
Ruger American – 243/450/7MM08
Ruger American Ranch – 350 Legend
Savage Mod 110 Apex Hunter – 7MM
Savage Mod 93BRJ / 93F – 22WMR
Savage Mod 93R17 – 17HMR
Savage A17 – 17HMR
Savage Axis II XP – 223/243/308/30-06/300/6.5/7MM-08
Savage BMag – 17 Win Super Mag
Savage M93 Snow Camo – 17HMR
Savage Mod 11 – 22-250 / 300WSM
Savage Mod 110 Scout – 308 WIN
Savage Mod 42 TD – 22LR/410
Savage Rascal – 22LR
Savage Trophy Hunter – 204
Stevens M301
Stevens 555 – 12GA
TriStar Setter ST – 410
TriStar Viper – 28GA
Weatherby Upland – 12GA

New Hand Guns

Ruger LCP II – 380
Ruger Wrangler – 22LR
Glock G19 Gen3 – 9MM
Hi Point – 45
Springfield XD – 9MM
Smith & Wesson MP Shield EZ – 9MM

Used Long Guns

Baikal – 20GA
British 303 – 303 British
Browning Auto 5 – 12GA
Charles Daly Diamond Grade – 12GA
Drilling J.B. Braun – 16GA/8×57
Eddy Stone 1917 – 30-06
H&R Topper 88 – 12GA
JC Higgins Mod 20 / Mod 583-23 – 12GA
Lefever Nitro SxS – 12GA
Marlin Mod 1892 – 32RFCF
Mauser Spanish Mod 96 – 7.62
Mossberg Mod 500 – 20GA
Mossberg Mod 46M – 22LR
Mossberg Mod 5500 MKII – 12GA
Mossberg Maverick Mod 88 – 12GA
Remington Mod 3200 – 12GA
Remington Mod 1100 – 12GA
Remington Mod 12A – 22LR
Rossi Single Shot – 20GA
Savage Axis – 22-250
Savage Mod 110 – 22-250
Savage Mod 1899 – 303 Savage
Savage Mod 220 – 12GA
Savage Mod 23D – 22LR
Savage Mod 99 – 250-3000
Stevens Mod 15A – 22LR
Stevens Mod 53C – 22LR
SKB Mod 600 – 12GA
Thompson Compass – 308
TriStar Viper – 28GA
US Springfield Mod 1884 – 45-70 Set of 2.  Sold as a pair
V. Bernadelli Game Cock – 12GA
Winchester Mod 1400 – 12GA
Winchester Mod 37 – 12GA
Winchester Mod 67 – 22LR
Winchester Mod 70 – 25WSSM

Used Handguns

Colt Officers Edition – 22LR
F. Llipietta Black Powder – 44 Cal
Hopkins & Allen – 32
Kahr Arms P40 – 40
Iver Johnson – 38
Ruger New Bearcat – 22LR
Ruger New Model Single Six – 22LR
Taurus Tracker Mod 990 – 22LR

Out of State Firearms Transfer

We can handle your out of state firearm transfer from an FFL dealer. Fees will apply. Contact us directly for more details.


We stock a large selection of Remington, Winchester, Hornady & Federal ammunition.

Purchasing a Firearm

Federal law states that you must be 18 years old to purchase a long guns (rifle or shotgun) and 21 years of age to purchase a handgun. These age requirements also apply to ammunition.

To purchase a firearm as a resident of the state of Maine, you will be required to:

  • Present a state or federal photo identification that meets the identification requirements for the sale of firearms, i.e., a valid current driver’s license or pistol permit
  • Submit to a federal NICS (National Instant Check System) background check
  • Complete federal Form 4473

Non-residents may not purchase handguns in an over-the-counter transaction in the state of Maine. The Firearms Owners Protection Act of 1986 allows for over-the-counter purchase of long guns provided the buyer complies with the laws of both the state in which the firearm is purchased and the state in which residency is claimed.

A non-resident purchasing a firearm in Maine is subject to the same requirements as a Maine resident, in addition to the laws and regulations governing his or her state of residence.

Individual states have their own set of laws and regulations governing the sale of firearms. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself and comply with all the federal, state, county, and / or municipal ordinances, laws and regulations governing the possession and use of any firearm or category of firearms in both the state you purchase the firearm as well as the state in which you reside.

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